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It can make streetlights "improvise"

according to the Jianghuai morning post, have you ever had these questions when driving on urban roads: at the same time, some glass and polymer resin are used at night all year round, but streetlights can always be lit in time, is it human control? Why can you still be accurately "caught" when many congested vehicles whistle in the no singing area? At this exhibition of scientific and technological innovation achievements, many advanced technologies of science and technology + transportation were presented, revealing the "secrets" of science and technology on the road for you

it makes streetlights "improvise"

you know? Many street lights in Hefei are automatically on and off. During the exhibition, the digital management system of smart street lamps brought by Hefei Daming energy saving company first unveiled the "secret" of street lamp control

"to realize the independent switch of street lamps, it is mainly composed of three parts: the single lamp controller installed in the street lamps, the intelligent switch placed in the roadside distribution cabinet, and the illumination collector." Luhuali, the R & D personnel of the company, introduced that the illumination information collected by the illuminance collector will be received by the intelligent switch, which will convert the information into data and analyze it through the relevant program algorithm, and generate instructions to send to the single lamp controller to realize the complete autonomous switching of street lamps

"the alternation time of day and night in a year is different, and the street lamp can 'adapt to circumstances' through this system." The system can also realize the automatic adjustment of street lamp brightness. "At 18 o'clock, the street lamp will generally start full power operation and turn on to the brightest; at about 23 o'clock, the power may be reduced to 75%; in the second half of the night, it will be reduced to about 50%, and the brightness will be reduced." Lu Huali said that the brightness of street lights will also change according to the different traffic at different times of the night

in addition, according to the different conditions that the polished sample and polishing disc should be suppressed on the polishing disc in parallel and evenly in sunny and rainy days, such as traffic flow, business district, etc., the brightness of street lamps can also be optimized to achieve "on-demand lighting". "This has greatly reduced energy consumption. It is estimated that on the premise of ensuring that the illumination of street lamps fully meets the national requirements, the power saving rate is stable at more than 40%."

in addition to making the streetlight itself "flexible", the system also integrates many cutting-edge technologies in the field of electronic information, wireless communication, image processing, cloud computing, big data and other electronic information, and establishes a high-performance streetlight management platform

"all street lights and their related information in the area controlled by the system can be displayed on the platform terminal interface in real time." It is reported that the platform can realize remote visual real-time monitoring of street lamps, real-time fault alarm, operation status analysis, remote precise control setting, historical data query, intelligent anti-theft, etc

"the total amount of street lights, illumination, operation status and other information can be seen at a glance on the platform." Lu Lihua said that if a light fails, a text message or email will be generated, including its geographical location, failure time, failure type and reason, and sent to the relevant staff

since its establishment in 2007, the company has started the research and development of smart street lamps and IOT lighting control systems. At present, this system has 8 national invention patents, 22 utility model patents and more than 30 software copyrights. The system has been successively applied in Shushan, Luyang, Baohe and Yaohai districts of Hefei; In Lu'an City, Anhui Province, nearly 40000 street lamps have been applied to the system at one time; "Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai" and other more than a dozen provinces and cities are also widely used. In addition, we have finally established a customer file database system for the company, which is also exported to more than 20 countries such as the European Union, the United States and Russia

"traffic light" duration it can "decide"

in the original innovation exhibition area, there is a cabinet exhibit standing on the sideline. Although it looks "ordinary", in fact, it is the "steward" of urban road traffic lights

this device is an intelligent traffic signal controller developed by Anhui Keli information industry company. According to the introduction, it has formed a variety of intelligent traffic control algorithms for the complex mixed traffic situation in China's cities. Through IOT short-range wireless communication technology and dynamic optimization technology, it can sense the arrival information of vehicles in real time, intelligently optimize the intersection signal timing, realize the dynamic allocation of traffic rights at urban intersections, and become a mature product to meet the needs of dynamic regulation of traffic flow at urban intersections in China

this device can be described as a "sidekick" of many honors. It is understood that it has won Anhui independent innovation products, Anhui Science and technology first prize, Anhui Patent Gold Award; The best product of the first "urban intelligent transportation Cup"; The third prize of science and technology of China Intelligent Transportation Association in 2017; China's top 12 road traffic signal controllers in 2017

this product has passed the inspection and certification of the traffic safety product quality supervision and testing center of the Ministry of public security, and began to be popularized and applied nationwide in 2015. At present, the products have been widely used in urban road construction inside and outside the province, including Hefei, Xuancheng, Anqing, Huainan, Bengbu, Chuzhou, etc; Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guizhou, Yunnan, Beijing, etc. outside the province

two cars in parallel whistling at the same time, it can also accurately "find out"

now many people know that you can't whistle at random in the urban no singing area, otherwise you will be "captured". How is this process achieved? In the exhibition, iFLYTEK vehicle whistle intelligent capture system developed by iFLYTEK presented this technology to you. "The core equipment that can realize this process is our independently developed sonar equipment." Seeing a white box hanging on the wall, Huang Chuanyi, product manager of iFLYTEK vehicle whistle intelligent capture system, introduced that this is the core component of the system

this component adopts microphone dot array technology, which can locate the direction of sound source in real time and accurately, and effectively carry out sound processing and vehicle voiceprint recognition. At the same time, combined with the camera in the center of the component and the high-definition camera installed by the law enforcement department, the sound source information can be marked on the real-time collected pictures and videos to form a visual result to be presented on the large screen

"the technical difficulty of the whole process lies in sound source localization and noise reduction." According to reports, this small white box contains a total of 30 microphones. Using iFLYTEK's independently developed sound source positioning technology, the equipment can achieve accurate "sound recognition" and accurate vehicle positioning according to different paths of sound transmission. "The positioning accuracy is about 0.3m, which means that even if the two cars are close together and parallel at the same time, it can accurately locate which car is whistling." Huang Chuanyi said

in the international traffic environment with the reconstruction standard of 200 yuan per square meter, there is a lot of noise, sometimes even drowning the whistle. In this regard, Huang Chuanyi also said that there was no need to worry

"the system adopts a noise reduction algorithm, which can effectively filter the noise and extract the whistle." In addition, the system can also eliminate some noises similar to the whistle. Its application of deep learning technology can separate the whistle sound from the approximate noise. Based on the interference sound filtering of deep neural network, iFLYTEK's original neural network nonlinear structure can achieve an irrelevant noise filtering rate of up to 95%. At the same time, the system can also lock multiple objects during rush hours. The human ear sounds like a whistle at the same time, and the intelligent whistle capture system can also capture them separately

it is understood that the actual measurement accuracy of the system can reach more than 90%, and the actual measurement can realize the license plate recognition of vehicles whistling at the maximum speed of 50km/h. At present, the system has been used in about 16 areas in the urban area of Hefei, mainly in crowded places such as hospitals and schools, such as the administrative committee of the high tech Zone, Xinhua college and the No. 46 middle school. In addition, the system is also applied in Wuhu, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changzhou and other places

(Morning Post Liu Chang, sichen Wen/photo)

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