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"I'm willing to be the 'live advertisement' of Valin car." visit Li Chunyu, a user of Henan Luoyang of Hualing Xingma

"I'm willing to be the 'live advertisement' of Valin car." visit Li Chunyu, a user of Henan Luoyang of Hualing Xingma

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Guide: if you talk about Li Chunyu, almost all heavy truck users in Luoyang, Henan know him and that he buys Valin dump trucks. I often receive some strange calls to inquire about the use of Valin car. I don't comment on how others use it. Anyway, my Valin car is good to use

speaking of Li Chunyu, almost all heavy truck users in Luoyang, Henan Province know him and that he buys Valin dump trucks. "I often receive some strange calls that are also conducive to measuring the wear distribution of the friction surface. They all come to me to inquire about the use of Valin. I don't comment on how others use it. Anyway, my Valin is good to use!" Li Chunyu said to the author with a smile. With that, Li Chunyu took out his own, "there is a picture of the car on it. I bought the car in 2008. Many people think it is a new car!" I saw the car in 2008 in the photo as new as ever, shining brightly in the sun, while Li Chunyu, standing in front of the car, smiled confidently. Put it away, Li Chunyu and the author talked about the process of getting married with Valin

I will buy Valin car by chance

it is a coincidence to buy Valin car for the first time. Li Chunyu introduced that in his early years, he helped people drive. After slowly accumulating some original capital, Li Chunyu considered buying a car by himself. In 2008, in time for the national implementation of oil upgrading, Li Chunyu used his limited funds to buy a Euro 2 emission standard car before the implementation of the standard, which is a Valin brand car. "It's really an accident to buy Valin cars, but I also know the brand Valin before. I also have a general understanding of Valin cars, but I haven't driven it myself."

after having his own car, Li Chunyu became more active. He pulled sand and gravel for the nearby mixing plant several times a day. "The road conditions of some parts of the car are very poor, and the road is even harder to walk in rainy days, but the Valin car girder is very strong, the bearing capacity is relatively strong, and the car has been driven for more than half a year, and there are almost no faults. What impresses me is that once I went to do normal maintenance for the car. At that time, the car has been driven for more than half a year, and I didn't expect the people at the service station to check the car and say to me, 'the car should be like your car, and our service station is early It's closed! " Lichunyu said happily. The words of the service station staff in recent years have made Li Chunyu really happy for a long time. In the future, he also cherishes the use of the vehicle more. Often, when the car maintenance time is approaching, Li Chunyu sends the car for maintenance in advance, and the oil used is also one level higher than the standard required by the manufacturer. "If you treat the car with your heart, the car will never treat you badly! It rewards you far more than you think." Li Chunyu continued, "now this 2008 car is still the same as a new car. Many friends ask me how I do it. In fact, what's the secret? First, the car is of excellent quality, and then you should take care of it carefully, so it's hard to break the car."

it is incumbent on Li Chunyu to publicize Valin car

now Li Chunyu praises Valin car for its good performance, many jobs, low faults and comfortable driving building. Valin car has helped his career develop rapidly. Since 2008, Li Chunyu has raised money to buy the first car, and now Li Chunyu has nine Valin front four rear eight dump trucks, which has become a small well-known self-employed household in JGJ 110 (9) 7, the bonding strength inspection standard for decorative bricks in construction projects. "It can be said that my entrepreneurial path is closely related to Valin. Without Valin, my career will not develop so fast." Li Chunyu said

today, Li Chunyu has become a regular passenger of Luoyang Shengling Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., the distributor of Valin Xingma in Henan. Li Chunyu will sit in Shengling every few days, and the two sides have become good friends. "Your dealer's service is very good. Treat customers as if they were relatives. I'm as relaxed and comfortable here as I'm back at home." Li Chunyu said. What impressed him was that one night in 2012, the rear axle of a car broke down in the gravel factory. After calling the service station, the maintenance and service personnel rushed to the scene overnight to repair it until more than two o'clock in the night, "There are puddles on the ground of the gravel factory. When I saw the maintenance personnel, they directly lay on those puddles to repair my car. I was very moved. The service of Valin car is so good, which makes our users feel very warm. After this, I not only unswervingly continue to buy Valin car, but also recommend my friends and family to buy it. Before, there were people who didn't understand me and said I was the 'trust' of Valin, but I think it's really good for me to use Valin car , I am willing to be the 'live advertisement' of Valin. " Li Chunyu said

be the first to use Hanma power

the first user of Hanma power in Henan is Li Chunyu

"I have ordered a Hanma power car, which is expected to arrive in a while. After arriving, I will drive the car myself." Li Chunyu said. It turned out that Li Chunyu had been concerned about the use of Hanma power since he learned from the dealer that Valin Xingma had developed its own engine. At the end of September, Luoyang Shengling organized customers from manufacturing industries such as metals, adhesives, pipes, profiles, aerospace, petrochemicals, waterproof coiled materials, wires and cables, textiles, fibers, rubber, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, geotextiles, films, wood, paper and other production and quality monitoring departments at all levels to experience and visit Valin Xingma company. Although Valin cars have been used for many years, But this is the first time that Li Chunyu has stepped into the gate of Valin Xingma company. "This visit gave me a deep feeling. I thought it was just a refitting factory before. Now I can rest assured that Valin Xingma company has new equipment, comprehensive technology and strong strength, especially the engine workshop, which shocked me very much. In addition, hammar power uses the in cylinder braking technology, which is more safe and reliable. We pull the sand stone more heavily and climb more times, so we need a high-power engine very much, and hammar power It just meets my requirements, so I first ordered a 12 liter, 380 horsepower Han Ma power car. " Li Chunyu said, "I'm looking forward to using Hanma power!"

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