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Our company supplies carton compression testing machine to Zhang beichengyun packaging

our company supplies carton compression testing machine to Zhang beichengyun packaging

not long ago, our company supplied a carton compression testing machine to Zhang beichengyun packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. to meet its R & D and production needs. The delivery of the machine has been successfully completed a few days ago. Thank you for your support and trust in our company. The software system of our carton compression machine displays the experimental force and displacement in real time, the rupture strength testing machine, the vibration testing machine, the drop testing machine, the ring blank holder pressure testing machine and other testing equipment. It has a history of more than ten years, and the national unified service:/, welcome to consult

Zhangbei Chengyun packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise with reputation, technology, management and service as the market foothold, integrating production and sales. Founded in 2011, the company adheres to the belief that quality first, reputation first, tensile strength, tensile strength, tensile strength and yield strength, excellent brand, independent production mode, leading production technology, adhering to professionalism, innovation With the concept of environmental protection, we can provide customers with more professional services at a low price than developed countries such as Germany's 63:37 and the United States' 70:30. In the future development, we will open up the market based on the principles of green packaging and green production, and aim at the world's technological frontier with the importance and efficiency management of high starting point planning, high-intensity investment, high standard construction and high safety impact testing machine, Build Zhangbei advanced packaging and printing industry flagship project

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