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He led 32 employees back to the path of entrepreneurship, only for the original intention

he led 32 employees back to the path of entrepreneurship, only for the original intention

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Liang Linhe, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy Truck

on October 28, the Municipal People's hall was full, and the first report of Changsha advanced typical tour report on the theme of "never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind" education began. A simple and shining story shows the moving power of an example

huzhongxiong, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangjiang new area, Hunan Province, attended the report meeting and met with members of the report delegation. Liang Linhe, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy Truck, as the only representative of the business community, made a report entitled "the Internet revolution of Sany Heavy Truck"

before the formal start of the report meeting, members of the lianglinhe delegation reported to Mayor Hu Zhongxiong. Liang Linhe said that it is not only his personal honor, but also the honor of Sany group and Sany Heavy Truck to be a member of Changsha advanced typical report group

Liang Linhe said, "my original intention and mission is to make a good truck with reliable quality, excellent performance and affordable price for tens of millions of truck drivers, so as to make their lives better."

Liang Linhe reviewed the re entrepreneurship process of Sany Heavy Truck in his report. At the end of 2017, the construction machinery industry experienced the harshest winter. As a 26 year old Party member, Liang Linhe proposed that he could lead a small team to engage in heavy trucks. For this reason, he resigned from all positions in the listed company and led 32 employees to embark on the road of entrepreneurship again

with the support and care of the Changsha Municipal Party committee and the Changsha municipal government, Liang Linhe used the Internet thinking to design their favorite truck with truck drivers, and through model innovation to minimize the cost, so that the price of models with the same configuration is more than 20% lower than that of competitors, so that customers can really get benefits. Sany Heavy Truck has pioneered the online sales of industrial products and created a new "Internet + truck" mode. On March 18 last year, 50 trucks, which are relatively advanced closed-loop automatic electromechanical machines, were pre sold on the market, taking only 64 seconds; On May 18 last year, the new product was launched, and 1000 trucks were snapped up in 56 seconds; On October 10 this year, the second new product came into the market. First of all, 2000 high-temperature flatulence seconds were snapped up. Some people commented that "Sany sells heavy trucks faster than baozi". It is reported that Sany Heavy Truck, a 500 horsepower tractor, has sold more than 12000 units within one year of its launch, and is the new member with the shortest time to enter the "club of 10000 heavy trucks" in the past decade. "Our goal is not 10000 units, nor is it 1 to affect the color of finishing paint; 2 to generate stress of 0 million units, but 300000 units; not to enter the 10000 unit club, nor to enter the first tier, but to become the first in China and contribute a resounding heavy truck brand to the people of Hunan." Liang Linhe said boldly. Liang Linhe's report was inspiring and aroused bursts of applause on the scene. The rise of Sany Heavy Truck has quickly filled the gap in the field of heavy truck in Hunan and fulfilled the "heavy truck dream" of Hunan people

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