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He developed children's robot genie, recognized pictures and told stories, and has received 10000 orders

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in 2015, Qiu fangkui was in charge of the promotion of Jibo robot in China. The three-year-old daughter said, Dad, you can also make a robot for me. He secretly made up his mind to be a robot for children

he officially resigned in September and founded elobao robot. In the same month, we received 5million Angel round financing, and the investors were Dongfang Li, fangfu capital, Junyuan capital and individual investors

add all conceivable functions, including video surveillance, voice dialogue, accompanying reading, controlling sports and games. Three months later, the first robot model was completed

the way to reduce the cost of robot hardware is to reduce the cost of about 1500 yuan. Continue to mass produce and put into the market, but it is likely that there will be no sales and no return; Give up half a year's labor achievements and develop new products. After transposition, he was surprised to find that I didn't even want to buy it myself

cost performance is not high. Although there are many functions, some of them are really chicken ribs and cannot hit the pain points of parents. On the first day of work after the year, Qiu fangkui announced to the team that he would completely stop this robot and reposition the product. He decided to cut off all unimportant functions and only keep accompanying reading

based on the observation of the market: reading is the foundation of education, and the golden period for children to cultivate their reading habits is before the age of 8. The new generation of robots focuses on reading picture books, increasing the number of books included; Instead of using an electronic screen, let the children read paper books after repeated experiments. The cost should be controlled within 300 yuan, and the retail price is about 500 yuan

set the image of robot as spirit, relying on the existing industrial foundation. The robot is named the reading wizard. At the same time of software research and development, he began to contact suppliers to make hardware. In order to keep the cost below 300 yuan, Qiu fangkui had to put (4) the experimental machine connected to a 3-phase 4-wire power supply, abandon the high-quality requirements for all parts, and make many choices

he chose to cooperate with the publishing house, and the progress was very smooth. Good story, Qiu fangkui will find CCTV and CCTV children's program anchor to record voice. At present, the reading wizard has collected more than 1000 books

soon, the accompanying reading wizard parent app started its research and development. Parents can participate in their children's reading process on. Moreover, the app is connected to the robot, and parents can interact with their children through software and record pictures for their picture books in person

Qiu fangkui took the reading Wizard Home for his daughter to try. My daughter danced with her arms around the robot, and she liked it very much. He also laughed happily, and finally made a gift for his daughter

in the next month, he adjusted four editions back and forth. After looking for dozens of manufacturers, I looked at more than 1000 materials and targeted the famous Danish textile supplier kvadrat. After several choices, Qiu fangkui finally achieved the goal of a cost of less than 300 yuan

after the prototype leaves the factory, many dealers take the initiative to come to the door. At present, he has received more than 10000 orders

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