The hottest tempered glass has self explosion rate

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Tempered glass has self explosion rate, and shower rooms need to pay attention to maintenance.

self explosion accidents of shower room glass are frequently reported. At present, most shower rooms use tempered glass, which will not produce sharp fragments due to breakage, thus reducing the risk of personal injury. However, the self explosion rate of tempered glass itself is also like a time bomb. At the same time, merchants often try to reduce their own for reasons such as "the self explosion rate of tempered glass exists and the warranty period has expired", which makes many consumers have great concerns about the safety of shower room products after encountering the self explosion problem of shower room glass

according to electromechanical understanding, in addition to the quality problems of some shower rooms, the self explosion of some tempered glass is related to the tempering degree of glass. On the one hand, consumers should not be greedy for bargains when choosing shower products. They must choose regular manufacturers and stores. Products should be marked with detailed manufacturer name, address and commodity certificate, so that they can coordinate and communicate in time in case of problems. On the other hand, improper use, improper installation and too large temperature difference may lead to explosion. Therefore, when using the shower room at home, we should pay attention to the environmental temperature difference not to be too large, but also to avoid strong external force impact, so as to prevent the self explosion of tempered glass

in addition, although tempered glass has high strength, it is also afraid of sharp things and violent impact, so it should be opened and closed gently and slowly to avoid collision. For bathroom glass doors that may burst, you can also paste a layer of explosion-proof film on one or both sides of the glass door to increase the strength. Even if the glass bursts, it will stick to the adhesive film, which can also well prevent glass fragments from splashing and hurting people

at the same time, in the process of daily use, we also need to pay attention to maintenance and repair:

first, do not endanger the national agricultural and forestry ecological safety, use sharp objects to hit or impact the glass surface to avoid damage

second, do not wipe the glass surface with Tianna water corrosive liquid to avoid damaging the surface gloss

third, do not wipe the glass surface with rough materials to avoid scratches

the main body of the shower room is mostly made of tempered glass. The long-term erosion of various alkaline bath water will cause yellow scale to adhere to the glass of the shower room. When cleaning, you can spray special glass cleaner, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to make it bright as new. For the hardware fittings connecting all parts of the shower room, do not use any detergent to clean, so as to avoid corrosion and affect the service life. The simplest way is to wipe the dust and dirt with a dry cloth every week to keep it clean. Zhonghua glass () Department

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