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Telstra of Australia Telecom added one million new users last year, and Telstra has once again consolidated its increasingly important role in the stage of ANZ materials in this period, and the mobile market in Australia is more flexible; The force measurement accuracy is high, and nearly 1million new users were added last year

aoxun has reached 937000 users, while its rivals Optus and Vodafone Hutchison Australia are further behind

according to the annual financial data released on Thursday, aoxun now has 16million customers, more than its two largest competitors combined. Audus has 9.4 million customers and Vodafone Australia has 5.2 million

Tim Carleton, director and portfolio manager of asset management company, said that it is difficult for audus and Vodafone to win back the customers lost to aoxun, because aoxun, a telecom giant, has a good quality network. If audus and Vodafone have any hope, it is that they are losing customers at a slower rate

although aoxun's customer growth may have slowed, it still invested a lot of money to expand its network. Aoxun will invest 1billion in its mobile network this fiscal year. It is commendable that audus will not sit idly by and let its opponents attack easily. It will achieve strong cooperation in the field of material experiments. It plans to invest 12 billion in its network this fiscal year, which must be checked in the quarterly protection and maintenance plan

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