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Teleste purchased Tekton products to verify the stability of video signals. July 19, 2001 News - Tekton, Oregon (nyse:tek), the market leader of measurement and monitoring solutions, announced today that Teleste of Finland has purchased a video detection solution that can be used to identify the timing stability of compressed digital video signals, that is, program clock reference (PCR) jitter. Thalester is a major European supplier of network solutions for global cable network operators

thalester has purchased the Tektronix mts300 MPEG detection system for its R & D department to use in user installation and detection. This purchase decision was made after thalester successfully used the Tektronix mts215 series products (the previous generation of mts300 Series) that won the emmya 5 technical requirements award in the UK. Unstable timing will lead to errors in digital signal decoding, which will affect the quality of video signal

Gerald ostheimer, vice president of Tektronix Europe, pointed out: "Effectively sending high-quality digital video signals is the key for digital broadcasters to apply and manage the next-generation video global communication network. Tektronix has been working closely with major customers to help solve various challenges caused by the changing communication prospects. Both telest and we can benefit from this project. Telest is able to provide users with high-quality systems that fully meet the requirements, while tektix The company has greatly expanded its understanding of the key etr290 jitter and drift standards. "

James Moody, the project engineer of thalester company, said: "the mts300 of thalester company is convenient to use when measuring jitter, has high reliability, and fully conforms to the DVB standard. This greatly enhances our confidence in using various solutions to serve customers."

thalester company uses MTs in the set-top box attempt

in the evaluation of thalester company, Tektronix mts215 is the only MPEG analyzer that can measure the timing effectiveness that meets the requirements of the set-top box. The subsequent extensive measurements of mts300 confirmed this problem. Even in the retest, only Tektronix's equipment can show any problems with etr290 jitter and drift standards at the user's place. In this way, the R & D team of thalester can rewrite the software to ensure that the ATM network with high jitter complies with the latest DVB and etr290 standards

Introduction to Tektronix mts300 MPEG detection system

mts300 is a detailed MPEG protocol analysis and diagnosis tool, which can provide various innovative solutions to meet the requirements of designing and detecting MPEG, DVB, ATSC and ISDB systems

this efficient computing platform has flexible and scalable detection functions, including three basic applications: proficient user level applications (Master), proficient user level applications (expert) and configuration user level applications (configuration injection molding has a short molding cycle (a few seconds to a few minutes) tion client). Designers of compressed digital video systems can use these tools for real-time monitoring and analysis. Other applications allow designers to perform delay analysis and customize the creation and occurrence of transport streams

skilled user level applications allow operators to use MPEG, DVB, ATSC or ISDB limits, or define limits themselves. Once the limit is defined, the system starts to detect according to that limit. The errors will be displayed in red and added to the information record together with the time and date information. The real-time system also displays multiple PCR observations to help identify multiplexer or encoder problems. PCR analysis with frequency compensation and drift information will be displayed on mts300 in real time

Taylor ◎ experimental equipment host: overview of WDW electronic universal experimental machine company

Taylor is an international group founded in 1954, which is dedicated to broadband data communication solutions and software multimedia environment for language learning. Access system and educational, two independent business units, are in a leading position in their respective industries. In 2000, the group's net sales increased by 61% to 91.7 million euros, and its net profit increased by 54% to 10.7 million euros. The return on shareholders' equity and return on capital both exceed 30%. More than 90% of sales are realized outside Finland. In the first quarter of 2001, the operating profit of the core department access system almost doubled, and the net sales increased by 56% over last year. Thalester has 30 offices worldwide. By the end of March, the group had 588 employees. The company is a major listed company on the Helsinki Stock Exchange

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