The hottest temporary work 2020 customer Festival

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Temporary 2020 customer day is coming. Are you ready

Lingong 202 the average magnesium consumption of cars in North America is less than 10 kg0. The customer Festival is coming. Are you ready

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grass grows and Orioles fly, peach blossom paves the road,

old feelings touch the heart, and see customer's day again

hey, eribati

the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is over

are you ready to move

start looking forward to the May Day holiday

the ball is all right (wait a minute)

don't worry, there is also a festival in April, oh

the hot and welfare kind

that is Shandong Lingong "sdlg customer Festival"

temporary customers' own festival

2020 in, Shandong Lingong united with dealers all over the country, With the theme of "witnessing the power of quality", the "sdlg customer Festival" will be organized, and the activities will be moved online, so that customers can transcend the space barrier and enjoy the benefits of customer Festival from zero distance

this customer's Day is not only a wonderful activity such as price negotiation and short video competition, but also an online live broadcast for our partners. Let's watch the temporary work, watch the new products bathe in the red envelope rain, and let's get up together

2020 sdlg customer Festival

what you must know - the larger the space occupied by the experimental piece

the online bargaining activity here

makes your bargaining soft

all you save is money

here is the short video competition of "temporary contract because you are extraordinary"

win the grand prize of 10000 yuan

there is also the live broadcast of industry red V

taking you to see temporary work, watch products and grab red envelopes by using the structural characteristics of the machine

a comprehensive interpretation of temporary work software and hardware strength

the ingenuity charm of Chinese intelligent manufacturing

will come

what are you waiting for

pick up and participate

"2020 sdlg customer Festival"

I'll see you soon

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