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Lingong heavy machinery mt86 dump truck won the Top50 (2017) Gold Award for market performance

Lingong heavy machinery mt86 dump truck won the Top50 (2017) Gold Award for market performance

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20 there are many things to pay attention to when using. On March 27, 17, it was guided by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and the eight frequent failure supervision and inspection centers of the national construction machinery quality impact testing machine, and hosted by the construction machinery and maintenance, The "2017 construction machinery product development (Beijing) forum and China Construction machinery annual Top50 award ceremony" hosted by zhuozhong enterprise media was grandly held in Beijing. More than 200 guests from China Construction Machinery Industry Association and its subordinate branches, national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, relevant industry associations, construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, construction enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities attended the annual event

Lingong heavy machinery mt86 dump truck won the Top50 (2017) Gold Award for market performance

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Lingong Group Jinan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Lingong heavy machinery) mt86 off highway mining dump truck was successfully shortlisted into the top 50 products of the year after early public voting, product display and defense, industry expert evaluation and other links, and it was also awarded the "Gold Award for market performance"

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temporary heavy machine off highway mining dump truck

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temporary heavy machine mt86 mining dump truck is the fist product of temporary mining equipment at present. It is the first model equipped with high-power engine in the industry and has been deeply loved by customers since it was put on the market. This model is suitable for large mines, with stable quality, moderate price and high attendance. It is an all-round transportation equipment of mining machinery and the most competitive star product in the industry

this product has the following characteristics:

1, safety and comfort

service life of high sealing and low noise anti descent equipment rollover cab, good braking effect, multi-level shock absorption

2. Stable and reliable

the whole machine is wide, with a large cross-section riveted frame, a special gearbox for mining, a 19+35+35 large tonnage drive axle, and a through frame wear-resistant steel plate cargo box

3. Cost effective

engineering technology convergence system, improving heat dissipation, low failure rate and high attendance rate

4. Convenient maintenance

modular and convenient design, such as assembled turnover seat, split side limit, hydraulic oil tank change-over valve, split exhaust pipe, etc., is people-oriented

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mt86 off highway mining dump truck

temporary heavy machinery mt86 off highway mining dump truck

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temporary heavy machinery takes "a full set of solutions, all solutions, and create greater value for customers" as the requirements of modern social industries for products become higher and higher, the operation management ability and innovation ability will continue to be improved, With the full strength of the group, it has successively developed a series of mining vehicle products with "high reliability, high cost performance, full working condition and full coverage". In the short five years after entering the mining truck market, the sales volume of temporary mining trucks has risen steadily, and has established an absolutely leading industry position with the momentum of thunder. 2015 and 2016 ranked first in the industry for two consecutive years, and grew into a new benchmark in the same industry in China

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