Dongjin Cailun Group donated 1million yuan

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Shandong jincailun Group donated 1million yuan

release date: Source: China paper media

steady export growth

fighting the epidemic we are in action

on February 6, Shandong jincailun Group donated 1million yuan to Yanggu County Charity Federation for the prevention and control of the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonitis

respond in time. The more serious the deviation of response time is, the more careful the deployment is.

in the face of the current severe situation of the covid-19 epidemic in China, Shandong jincailun group conscientiously implements the spirit of the relevant notice and work requirements of the city and county on the prevention and control of covid-19 infection pneumonia with new frequency conversion and cheaper price, and takes a variety of measures to strictly control the spread of the epidemic to production posts, Go all out to ensure the life safety and health of cadres and workers

strengthen health guidance, publicity and education by various means

make full use of official account, work groups, large screens in factory and living areas, billboards, banners and other ways to popularize relevant epidemic prevention and control knowledge, solve doubts to employees in time, supervise and guide employees to correctly protect themselves

strengthen the source screening and prevention and control

focus on the control of risk sources such as foreign personnel, vehicles, public area sanitation, garbage vehicle entry quarantine, strengthen the registration management of foreign personnel during the duration of the epidemic, and ensure that all kinds of situation information are fully in place

carry out in-depth special actions for on-site sanitation and disinfection

assign special personnel to disinfect the production workshop, control room, operation room, office, staff restaurant and other places where people are concentrated every day, and make every effort to create a clean and hygienic production and living environment

supplies and supplies support for prevention and control

during the epidemic prevention and control period, more than 5000 masks, 2 tons of disinfectant powder, more than 900 bottles of disinfectant, 55 thermometers and thermometers were purchased successively. These new chemical materials and technologies should be popular, and protective materials and equipment should be continuously supplemented through various channels to ensure the health of front-line employees

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