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The tempered glass of the high-speed railway was broken, and the police detained the boy who caused the accident

recently, when the g712 train from Harbin West to Dalian north ran near Yandian Township, Wafangdian City, a laminated tempered glass on the left side of the running direction of carriage 7 broke. After receiving the report, 12. Limit protection: it has two levels of program control and mechanical protection;, Organize special forces to carry out work immediately. After on-site inspection, the train glass was broken in the shape of holes, which was caused by external force. Through further work, the location where the train glass was broken was located near Wangtun, Niwa village, Yandian Township, Wafangdian City

after a lot of work, such as accessing videos along the line, visiting schools, villages, key people and local police stations, the police obtained information about the better development of RE material enterprises in the future. A villager weeding in the farmland under the bridge reported that on the afternoon of May 31, two guys did shoot birds with slingshots from south to North under the railway bridge. One of them was wearing dark clothes, and a red motorcycle was parked at the pier. This clue was also confirmed during the visit to other villagers. After learning about this situation, the police immediately conducted a key touch platoon and found that two people could process two sample gaps at the same time: one V-shaped (2mm deep) and one U-shaped (2mm deep) (two V-shaped or two U-shaped gaps can also be used) a red motorcycle, and then parked near the scene at the super market gate and entered the store, with a slingshot hanging on the motorcycle handle and a slingshot in the hand of the person wearing blue clothes, It is consistent with the time and clothes reflected by the villagers

in order to quickly check the breaking power and obtain illegal personnel, the police began to conduct a detailed platoon along both sides of the road. At 11:30 on June 2, when Mopai reached Dongyu village, 5 kilometers away from the scene, it was found that there were motorcycles in a village courtyard that were consistent with the characteristics under monitoring, so it entered the home for verification. It was found that Ren, male, 29, who lives in Tonghe County, Heilongjiang Province, was consistent with the characteristics of the suspect under surveillance. After questioning, he admitted that he and his wife and brother Yang used a slingshot to hit birds under the shanzui super bridge in the afternoon of May 31. During this period, Ren hit the high-speed railway train when hitting the bird nest on the high-speed railway bridge with a slingshot. Subsequently, the police found 3 slingshots and 161 steel balls in their home. Dalian railway police gave Ren an administrative detention punishment according to the relevant provisions of the law on public security administration punishment

legal experts' tips: first, hitting the train with a slingshot, flying kites near the high-speed railway, climbing guardrails and other acts endangering the operation safety of high-speed railway trains and the personal safety of passengers are illegal acts, which will be severely punished according to law. 2、 Do not excavate pits, quarries and sand at railway lines, bridges and culverts; 3、 The broad masses of the people should actively respond to the call of the state, consciously love the road and protect the road, have the idea that loving the railway is loving their hometown, and more importantly, abide by relevant laws and regulations, and be good citizens who abide by the law

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