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Telstra caused controversy due to high price

consumer organizations criticized Telstra for overcharging. (AP Photo)

according to the Australian newspaper, Australia's largest telecom operator can finally get torque under different tensile loads - Telstra, the angle change operator, has been severely criticized by the consumer organization choice for its high price of mobile and Internet services

choice investigated 53 Telecom contracts and found that users had to pay a high fee to use Telstra services. Since February, telecom operations have been interrupted seven times. One of them: 1. After the computer software is online, the prompt box message shows that the overload contract shows that compared with the basic TPG Telecom plan, consumers pay a premium of 92% for ADSL large broadband

The large broadband plan of

115 yuan includes 1000g data limit, plus bimonthly data for three months a year. The adsl+ landline contract also needs another 203 yuan in advance every year. While the TPG basic service package of 59.99 yuan has no data limit, and the landline contract only charges 99.95 yuan per year

telstra has to admit that their network is unstable, and the previous commitment to provide high-quality network is a thing of the past, choice spokesman Tom Godfrey said on Monday

many interruptions of telecom operation affect mobile voice, data services and high-speed broadband connections. It is obvious that Telstra should not charge so much for access services, LCD force measurement, Godfrey said in a statement

choice analyzed 280 telecom products and compared them with similar companies of the same or better quality. It found that 53 companies can provide the same products as telecom, and most of the premium ranged from 6% to 92. Such star products can be said to be favored by thousands of people at 1%. However, telecom did not accept choice's analysis, saying that the analysis was flawed and only considered some of the plans provided by the company

missed many of our more comparable plans, and did not take into account many important factors that customers think, such as speed and network availability, a telecom spokesman said

the spokesman also said that the comparison of choice did not include free Wi Fi in Australia, free home broadband, Telstra television and other parts

customers can clearly recognize the value and competitiveness of our plan, which also reflects the fact that we are the most popular mobile and fixed service provider in Australia, the spokesman said

telstra recently promised to invest 200million yuan to improve its network and solve a series of operation interruptions that are detrimental to its reputation

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