Donghuatai postpones the production of newsprint a

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Shandong Huatai postponed the production of paper and deinking paddle production line

Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. decided to postpone the commissioning time of the paper and deinking paddle production line of Dongying factory (DIP imported and local domestic partner manufacturers can arrive) from May to mid June. This is the second time that the company postponed the production time. The two production lines were originally scheduled to be put into operation at the end of April

the company spokesman explained that some unforeseen reasons prevented the unloading of thallium B and C, which hindered the production of this second-hand production line with an annual output of 160000 tons of paper. "We also hope that the production line will be put into production as planned, but we don't want to make mistakes," he said

this used paper machine was originally the No. 9 paper machine of schongau factory of Haindl company in Germany. After the 200000 ton new paper machine invested by Haindl was put into operation last June, it decided to sell the No. 9 paper machine. Technicians from Haindl and Voith are in Dongying to fine tune the preparation of the prototype part of the paper machine

the Andritz dip production line with a daily output of 460 tons will be put into production at the same time as the paper production line. Huatai is also promoting other plans. Their goal is to achieve an annual production capacity of 500000 tons of paper and 450000 tons of pulp in 2005. Enhanced ability to deal with trade protectionism

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