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Shandong Huapeng successfully passed the "three standards in one" certification audit

on May 12, the second supervision and audit of the "three standards in one" certification of Shandong Huapeng glass company was successfully completed, and the audit team was reviewing the elderly longevity In addition to the factors of house price decline, the nuclear final meeting announced: "the 'three standards in one' management system of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd. continues to be effective. It meets the requirements by adopting the gb/t19001:2008 standard for the first time. It will recommend to Beijing Fangyuan to renew the 2008 version of the" 9000 "certificate. The enterprise must carry out the certification after stopping according to the gb/t24001 and gb/t18001 management system, which is continuously effective, and the second supervision and audit passed smoothly"

according to the requirements of the audit practice of the certification authority, a four person audit team from Shandong Branch of Fangyuan logo certification Group Co., Ltd., led by leader Ma Jian, has carried out the second supervision and audit of the "three standards in one" certification of Huapeng company since May 10, and four experts have conducted sampling audit and inspection on 25 established departments and levels covered by the management system of Huapeng company. The audit follows the audit plan and ensures the audit process. The audit was carried out in a harmonious atmosphere with the active cooperation of the top management and employees of Huapeng company, and the audit was completed in advance

while affirming the conformity and effectiveness, it has been used in the industry. The audit experts put forward two general nonconformities and improvement observations respectively. The "three standards in one" management activities of Huapeng company will continue to improve and continuously improve the effectiveness

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