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Toughened glass doors are more conducive to home safety

if it is not wooden doors, it will be glass doors through mergers and acquisitions. How to consider the sound insulation performance? In the family room, the kitchen, bathroom and shower room usually use glass doors, while the common 5mm thick glass is inferior to tempered glass in sound insulation and safety performance

tempered glass is usually 8mm-18mm thick. According to the thickness, the price also varies, from hundreds to thousands of yuan per square meter

according to the technical manager of a wooden door, the glass door with ball screw and trapezoidal screw commonly used in hollow equipment now has better sound insulation effect. The hollow glass door is divided into the following categories: the middle seal is ordinary dry air, vacuum layer and rare gas, and the glass with hollow seal of rare gas is usually used in the environment of anti fog and heat preservation; The glass with vacuum layer in the middle has the best sound insulation effect, and the price is higher than that of ordinary air glass

in addition, as the material of indoor doors and windows, toughened glass is superior to ordinary glass in compression resistance and impact resistance, but consumers should pay attention to that toughened glass has a self explosion rate of 3 ‰ because toughened glass is formed after ordinary glass is heated at high temperature and then cooled rapidly. If the glass surface has scratches, craters, deep edges and other defects due to improper operation during processing, It is easy to cause stress concentration or self explosion of tempered glass

when ordinary glass bursts, it will show large geometric fragments with sharp edges and corners, which are very easy to hurt people, while tempered glass will show "spider" shaped fragments after bursting, which are generally called analyzer blocks. Not only the particles are small, but also the edges and corners are round, showing fragments adhering to complete glass, or obtuse angle small pieces falling. Therefore, consumers need not worry too much. The self explosion rate of 3 ‰ is considered normal in the industry. If the tempered glass self explodes or breaks in the consumer's home, they can find the merchant to replace it in time. China glass () department

its main components are as follows:

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