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Introduction to the "unusual way" of temporary engineering internationalization strategy: How did Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprises overcome the current bottleneck in 2012? Major enterprises in the industry are thinking about how to deal with the rational return process of the industry for a considerable period of time in the future. An expert from the industry association said: the domestic market is sluggish, and the overseas market layout seems to become a

how will Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprises overcome the current "bottleneck period" in 2012? Major enterprises in the industry are thinking about how to deal with the rational return process of the industry for a considerable period of time in the future

An expert from the industry association said, "the domestic market is weak, and the layout of overseas markets seems to be a necessary choice. The problem is how to expand overseas markets?"

according to relevant reports, on January 31, Sany Heavy Industry acquired Putzmeister, Germany, "becoming a microcosm of some domestic giants' acquisition of overseas market expansion". At the same time, Shandong Lingong, as the representative of another part of major enterprises, through differentiated management, integrates their own brands, product design and market resources, so as to achieve the integration with international standards, providing another different way of thinking for expanding overseas markets

temporary work experience: good practice can be used in automotive interior and exterior trim Ship decoration board and other transportation skills are the key.

an investment banking expert said to: "for overseas mergers and acquisitions, whether from the perspective of corporate culture, regulations and policies, management structure adjustment, or channel mergers, the integration after mergers and acquisitions is the most important. In the final analysis, external diseases still need internal treatment, and the foundation of overseas market development is still at home. "

according to relevant reports, before starting the rapid development of temporary work with loaders, the company has been focusing on cultivating internal skills in a steady style, and has improved in energy saving, service and other details to varying degrees.

"Through international cooperation and their own efforts, temporary workers have paid close attention to energy conservation, quality and service, and achieved the fastest growth rate of various indicators in the industry in recent years. The same is true of excavators. Through cooperation, they provide high-quality products and services, a unified style, directly transport products, and achieve international victory."

detail differentiation promotes the implementation of internationalization strategy

an important detail of the differentiated management of temporary work is that the design system is to comprehensively utilize the high impact speed and the stress concentration of notched test bars

On January 6, Shandong Lingong held the "completion ceremony of Shandong Lingong 20000 excavator production base and new product press conference" in Linyi. At the press conference, Lingong officially launched five new generation excavator products

according to Yu Mengsheng, CEO of Shandong Lingong, in addition to the integration and improvement of technology and performance, the most important thing for the new generation of excavator products is to comprehensively replace the new unified appearance design, and the unified replacement of this appearance recognition system is carried out at the same time all over the world

it is reported that this unified appearance design includes two links: one is the comprehensive replacement of the logo. As a consideration of unifying the visual identity and brand building of temporary work products, the new products of temporary work have unified all design elements on the logo, in the hope that the logo of temporary work can form a unified cognition between the public and consumer groups in the future, so as to promote the identity of temporary work brand identity

the second is the appearance design, which is mainly the unified replacement of the cockpit and the counterweight of the whole machine, and the unification of the appearance design concept and the approximate corresponding relationship between the recognition of hardness value and strength value. Moreover, this uniformity of appearance is not limited to excavator products

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