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"Temporary Cup" College Student Competition: explore innovative talents and compete for the "first resource"

"temporary Cup" College Student Competition: explore innovative talents and compete for the "first resource"

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from May 5 to 6, hosted by Shandong Provincial Department of education and named by Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the 15th "temporary Cup" Shandong college student electromechanical product innovation design competition was grandly held in Dezhou University, Ninety seven colleges and universities from the province participated in the competition, including nearly 6000 preliminary works and more than 25000 teachers and students. The works involved machinery, electronics, vehicles, chemicals, textiles, light industry, control and other industries. After preliminary evaluation by expert judges, 531 works entered the finals, with more than 1300 teachers and students participating. Its scale and level are the highest in the past

Shandong Lingong's unique priority is to closely integrate the innovative practice of university teachers and students with enterprises and industries

in the era of fierce competition for talents, rather than waiting for talents to come, enterprises should actively create conditions to select and cultivate innovative talents. Recently, major cities across the country have launched various policy tightening experiments of "introducing talents", and the concept of talents has been repeatedly mentioned in media reports. This trend of talent competition is not limited to cities, and forward-looking enterprises have long watched the wind and waited for opportunities. When major enterprises are still anxious about how to find and attract talents, Shandong Lingong has already had a plan, and has its own unique method of selecting and cultivating talents

it is understood that the "Shandong college students' innovative design competition for mechanical and electrical products" hosted by Shandong Provincial Department of education was founded in 2004. For 15 years, Shandong Province has held such a mass scientific and technological innovation activity for college students in the province every year. This exactly coincides with the innovative spirit of Shandong Lingong "one whole, two innovations and three combinations". In 2018, the "15th Shandong University Student electromechanical product innovation design competition" held at Shandong Dezhou University was once again exclusively named by Shandong Lingong. It not only makes the innovative practice activities of the majority of teachers and students more closely combined with the development needs of enterprises and industries, and cultivates more innovative talents, but also the side chains of both schools and enterprises contain more water absorbent amino acid residues (– NH2, – COOH), which work together for collaborative innovation, and also promotes the leapfrog upgrading of the manufacturing industry

it is commendable that compared with previous years, this year's competition is in full swing, and the number of participants and the quality of entries are far higher than before. At the beginning of the competition, excellent college students from many colleges and universities poured in, "Participate in it. The contestants showed their abilities and competed to show their innovative mechanical and electrical products. The innovative products developed by some excellent talents really brightened people's eyes and promoted the continuous improvement of the innovative design level of mechanical and electrical products in Shandong Province.

from Chinese products to Chinese quality, from made in China to Chinese brands, Shandong Lingong firmly took the road of innovation.

Shandong Lingong knows the value of talents best and understands talents best Importance to enterprise development. Shandong Lingong leaders have repeatedly stressed that "talents are the decisive factor of scientific and technological innovation, and the leapfrog development of Lingong cannot be separated from the support of creating new talents and fresh blood". The "Shandong college students' innovative design competition of mechanical and electrical products" has developed to this day, which is no longer an ordinary college students' competition, but also an important window for Shandong temporary workers to tap and cultivate talents

now, Shandong Lingong is indeed prescient. It not only excavates innovative talents for itself through such large-scale events, but also has always attached importance to establishing industry university research cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions. It is reported that Shandong Lingong has established long-term and stable industry university research cooperation with many domestic key scientific research institutions such as Beijing aerospace, Jilin University, Shandong University, University of Kentucky, Tsinghua University and so on. Through these cooperation, temporary workers have made a number of major breakthroughs in technology, and gradually have their own core technology

in recent years, Shandong Lingong has won a number of innovation medals and honors, and has been recognized and praised by all parties in the society. It has become a benchmark enterprise in the construction machinery industry and is gradually moving towards internationalization. This series of achievements are inseparable from Lingong's ability to explore new models of talent training

the leaders participating in the meeting said that Shandong Lingong has become a leader at the forefront of internationalization in the industry after more than ten consecutive years of leapfrog development. However, there is still a long way to go from Chinese products to Chinese quality and from made in China to Chinese brands, which strengthens the determination and confidence to take the road of innovation. Innovative development of talents is the most critical. We are vigorously strengthening the training and absorption of innovative talents and design talents, vigorously promoting the integrated development of industry, University and research, and cooperating with colleges and universities to strengthen the training of relevant professional talents, which is also our original intention to actively participate in this competition. This competition provides an innovative platform for the majority of students. The theme of "paying attention to people's livelihood and a better home" also responds to the national slogan of "changing old and new kinetic energy". Young students are full of vitality and dreams since the company established a cooperative relationship with the Shanghai Silicate Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014. They are the new force of innovation. I hope you can join hands and take this competition as an opportunity to continuously strengthen college students' innovation awareness and practical ability, promote the organic combination of College Students' theory and practice, create conditions for outstanding talents to stand out, and obtain new impetus for the development of national science and technology

facts have proved that when today's wave of competition for talents has not officially started, temporary workers have already taken the lead to actively create conditions to lay the foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and timely transform the innovation of talents into the competitiveness of the enterprise. When the competition for talents really entered the white hot stage, temporary workers established the advantage of innovative talents of the enterprise by relying on the already established talent inflow port, Therefore, we can win in the fierce market competition. From the beginning to the end, Shandong Lingong firmly believed that "those who get talent can get the world."

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