The hottest Water-based Gravure plastic ink

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With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements in the world, developed countries and regions are working hard to develop and use water-based plastic intaglio inks to replace solvent based inks. The plastic gravure ink market in China, which has advantages for electric drive, is still in a stable growth period. As the uniqueness of gravure printing in plastic film printing is unmatched by flexographic printing, many ink factories are optimistic about plastic gravure printing ink, especially the development prospect of water-based plastic gravure printing ink is very broad

plastic intaglio inks are mainly solvent based, including surface printing plastic inks and internal printing (composite) plastic inks. Emerging water-based inks have also been put into use. Plastic gravure printing ink is mainly used in flexible packaging printing of food and daily necessities. The company plans to reduce the production of hydrofluorocarbons by 50% in the next five years. With the development of packaging and printing in China in recent years, the market of water-based plastic gravure printing ink is strengthening step by step

the ink is made of self-developed waterborne resin, pigments, special additives and lotion. After printing, plastic bags have the characteristics of good gloss, excellent adhesion fastness, good abrasion resistance and no residual odor. The printing method can be intaglio printing or flexographic printing. The surface area of the concrete specimen is 0.48m2, which can fully meet the needs of customers

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