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Water soluble plastic film passed the appraisal

the water-soluble film and its production equipment jointly developed by Zhuzhou Institute of technology and Guangdong Zhaoqing Fangda packaging material factory successfully passed the technical appraisal meeting in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province on December 26, 2000. Han Jiazeng, general manager of China Packaging Corporation, Zhang Xiaoqi, President of Zhuzhou Institute of technology, and personnel from science and Education Development Office of Hunan Provincial Department of education and several units also attended the meeting

the evaluation team of this appraisal meeting is composed of 9 domestic senior experts with outstanding achievements in the fields of packaging machinery, packaging engineering, packaging materials and chemical industry, environmental protection engineering and so on. They are that the transaction of Central South Forestry market is good; Today, the billet rose by 20 yuan/ton. Dr. Wu Xiaofu, deputy director of the Institute, Dr. Hu Xiefang, packaging education committee of China National Packaging Association, Professor Yang Fuxin, packaging professional design center of China National Packaging Corporation, post doctoral Zhan Hanhui of Hunan Xunda Co., Ltd., Dr. Chen Hong, packaging Education Committee of China National Packaging Association, master Jiang Baodong, deputy general manager of Guangzhou packaging and printing group, Dr. Xie Yong, Key Laboratory of new packaging materials and new technology of China National Packaging Corporation Chen Guangrong, senior engineer of Zhaoqing Bureau of technical supervision, and Zhao Jianming, senior engineer of Zhaoqing Institute of product quality inspection

the water-soluble packaging film identified this time uses polyvinyl alcohol as the main raw material and adds various additives, such as surfactant, plasticizer, anti adhesion agent, etc. its process is different from the traditional plastic film forming process. Its main features are: environmental protection and safety, complete water-soluble degradation, safe and convenient use, which can avoid users' direct contact with the packaged goods. It is suitable for the packaging of substances harmful to human body, which can accurately measure and prevent waste. The instantaneous measurement of mechanical properties and the recording of the characteristic curve of the material in the process of impact are good, and the heat sealing strength is high, with anti-counterfeiting function. Through a comprehensive, in-depth and detailed understanding of the composition, characteristics, production process, scope of use and development prospects of the material, the expert review team came to the Fangda packaging material factory of Zhaoqing Fangfeng Pneumatic Co., Ltd. to investigate the production equipment of water-soluble film, and agreed that water-soluble packaging film is an environmental friendly packaging material, It can be completely degraded (it can be placed in water within 5 minutes. 4. It has a longer service life; it dissolves). All performances and indicators meet the relevant product requirements and standards, and meet the contract requirements of the project; It can be used in the packaging of pesticides, pigments, fertilizers, detergents, etc., which meets the product standards of enterprises and can meet the packaging needs; The project development goal has been achieved, the process is advanced, and the technology and equipment fill the gap of domestic projects; With remarkable economic and social benefits, it has broad application prospects

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