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Water based coating is a sharp weapon to seize the opportunity in the low-carbon tide of automobile

with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the output, sales and ownership of automobiles are rising. In the first half of the year, China's automobile production and sales reached 9.156 million and 9.3252 million respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 2.48% and 3.35%. The development of environmental protection and energy conservation in the automotive industry has prompted the environmental protection performance of automotive coating in the long-term use process to gradually attract attention. 1. Anti sliding performance experiment. For the vast automotive market in China, it is more important to use environmental friendly automotive coatings for pressure testing machines

automotive coatings include oil-based coatings and water-based coatings. Water based paint is a kind of environmental protection paint. Some analysts believe that if the manufacturer uses 4 liters of water-based primer every week, the emission of harmful substances can be reduced by 115 kg a year. It is reported that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, relevant departments will formulate key reform measures for the automotive coating industry

from the perspective of the coating industry, promoting water-based coatings is good for enterprises with technical advantages and research and development conditions. 6. Plastic tensile testing machine 1 must pay attention to adjusting the travel limit switch. Replacing oil-based coatings with water-based coatings is conducive to the reorganization of resources in the industry and the survival of enterprises

experts from FAW Toyota believe that the adhesion and wear resistance of water-based coatings are better than those of traditional coatings, and the anti-collision and anti friction properties are better. The use of water-based paint can save a lot of car maintenance costs. However, the production technology of water-based coatings is more difficult to master and the cost is higher. "Whoever can master the relevant technologies of water-based coatings can seize the opportunity in the tide of low-carbon development of automobiles." Industry experts said

at present, the development level of water-based coatings in China needs to be improved. Only a few private enterprises in China have water-based coating technology reaching the national advanced level, and the development of automotive water-based coatings in China still has a long way to go

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