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Waterborne nano coatings are used in heavy-duty anti-corrosion projects to accelerate the process of "oil to water" coating

waterborne nano coatings are used in heavy-duty anti-corrosion projects to accelerate the process of "oil to water" coating

September 20, 2018

recently, close the oil return valve again. The water-based nano heavy-duty coating technology newly developed by Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has been promoted and applied in six projects, including the chemical heavy-duty anticorrosion pipe gallery project of Shenyang Sinochem new material technology Co., Ltd. This technology has greatly improved the comprehensive performance of environmental friendly anti-corrosion coatings, promoted the application of water-based coatings in the heavy-duty anti-corrosion market, and accelerated the process of "oil to water" of coatings

the solution is also very simple.

this year, the environmental protection tax is fully implemented, and the traditional solvent based anti-corrosion coatings can no longer meet the new requirements of Chinese coatings. At present, the corrosion environment of water-based industrial anti-corrosion coatings used in China is basically medium, and it is rarely used in heavy-duty anti-corrosion environment, which brings great difficulties to the promotion of water-based industrial coatings. Water based industrial coatings are in urgent need of improving product performance, optimizing product coating process and expanding the scope of application

in addition, the overall shipment volume of enterprises will further improve. The waterborne nano heavy-duty coating developed by Shenyang Research Institute of chemical industry breaks the traditional coating method of bottom, middle and surface of heavy-duty coating. The nano coating generates inorganic hybrid particles in situ, realizing the regulation of organic-inorganic hybrid assembly. Among them, organic components can improve the adhesion and toughness, while inorganic nanoparticles show physical shielding and hardness. Compared with traditional products, this kind of coating has ultra-high compactness and can shield corrosive media, which not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional epoxy resin coatings, such as aging resistance and low hardness, but also overcomes the shortcomings of polyurea coatings, such as fast curing and poor adhesion

According to Xu Weichang, President of Shenyang Research Institute of chemical industry, the water-based nano heavy-duty coating has been tested by the National Paint Quality Supervision and inspection center. The coating shows super anti-corrosion performance, resistance to strong acids and alkalis, high salt corrosion, oil corrosion, pollution resistance and wear resistance, which can meet the performance requirements of heavy-duty anti-corrosion projects to reach zero ozone ring breaking potential and lower global warming potential

zhangxuelong, general manager of Shenyang Sinochem New Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that they are very optimistic about the market prospect of the water-based nano heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating, and are building a new heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating product production line, which is expected to be completed and reach production capacity in 2019, and will have an annual production capacity of 20000 tons of water-based nano heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating

at present, the coating has been applied to the chemical heavy-duty anti-corrosion pipe gallery of Shenyang Sinochem New Material Technology Co., Ltd., the neutralization tower of Dalian Yongqing Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd., the reactor of Shenyang Chuanghui Chemical Co., Ltd., the reactor of Liaoning Jiahe Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., the anti-corrosion tank and biochemical tank of Shenyang Sinochem New Material Technology Co., Ltd., and the production workshop floor of Shenyang Xinji Chemical Co., Ltd

"in the next step, we will continue to give full play to our technological advantages and carry out industrial development around waterborne nano anti-corrosion coatings, graphene coatings, conductive coatings, energy-saving coatings, intelligent self-healing coatings, etc." Xu Weichang said

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