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The demand for PP in Turkey fell, and the future market trend is not clear.

due to tight market supply, the price of PP in Turkey rose steadily in early 2014. However, since late January this year, the exchange rate of the US dollar against the lira has reached a record high, which directly led to a sharp decline in the demand of the PP market in the country

it is shown that the average import price of PP in Turkey in the first ten days of January increased by USD/ton compared with the previous ton. However, after entering the latter ten days, the price of PP and fiber in the country suddenly fell, with a range of USD/ton. With the gradual establishment of open economic development driven by the contract price of propylene monomer in Europe in February, petkim, a large Turkish PP producer, reduced the quotation of PP per ton by $25 at the end of January

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the whole structure of this kind of material will also be very soft. Recently, due to the weak purchase interest of buyers, the trading atmosphere in the Turkish PP market is slightly weak. Market participants are busy predicting China's market dynamics after the lunar new year. They agreed that whether China buys or not, it will have a significant impact on the future trend of PP in Turkey

some traders said that it is unlikely that China's PP demand will strengthen significantly in 2014. Over the past six months, the demand of China's PP market has been stable. Relevant reports are expected to point out that the price of PP in this market will fall slightly in the next few months compared with the same period last year. Other market participants believe that the limited market supply and the emerging purchasing power of the auto parts and special vehicle industry chain will further push up the price trend of PP

regarding the phenomenon of weak demand for PP in Turkey, a large local middleman explained: "the current domestic economic situation is poor. For the sake of conservatism, we have been working in a low inventory state recently. Everyone is not in a hurry to fill in the shortage."

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