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After 2008, the demand for plastic packaging will exceed that of paper packaging

in the packaging material market, plastic and paper are often competing with each other. In 2008, plastic is expected to increase its market share in packaging to about 50%. However, compared with the past decade, the market share of plastics will expand at a relatively slow rate, because many markets controlled by plastics are quite mature at present. Nevertheless, the improvement of the properties of plastic materials will continue to stimulate the development of the plastic packaging market. These properties can extend the shelf life of commodities, reduce the use of materials and make plastics convenient (such as the resealing performance of plastics). This trend is shown in the latest survey "plastic packaging versus paper packaging" recently conducted by American industrial market research company Freedonia group

in all competitive markets involved in this study, from now to 2008, the growth of plastic packaging will exceed that of paper packaging, and it is predicted that the annual growth rate of plastic packaging will exceed 3%. This growth rate is based on the combination of the advantages of plastic packaging over paper packaging, the improvement of production activities and the improvement of personal disposable income, which will stimulate the advent of a variety of opportunities. The fastest growing market share of plastic packaging market is expected to be in the packaging of pet food, fruit juice drinks, eggs, candy and baked goods

another very dynamic growth market is expected to be on disposable milk plastic bottles, which will crowd out milk cartons and make milk more competitive with other beverages. In addition, technological improvements (such as faster production process speed) will reduce costs, which will provide huge business opportunities for plastic bags in various markets, including large-size packaging bags (such as pet food packaging bags). Considering the health factors of plastic bottles, bathtubs, cups and plates in many competitive markets, the growth of hard packaging will exceed that of soft packaging

only in the food industry market, the growth of paper demand will exceed the average speed, despite the competition from plastics. The stimulating factors for the growth of the demand for converting search keywords into wordid paper packaging include: the optimistic outlook on the income of the food industry, and the business opportunities of one-time packaging in food related industries, such as cartons and cartons, paper barrels, and paper bags. Paper is still popular in the food industry thanks to its breathability and good appearance. Although paper is losing competitiveness in the pre packaging market, it will continue to occupy a leading position in secondary packaging and packaging transportation, which is due to the popularity of corrugated boxes

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